All love in alignment. All plans in action.

Well apart from yesterday, had a brill day so far, went to the church, spoke to the bishop, just had a long chat with my beautiful friend on skype whose sending her  art work, and were on our way.

Got a lot of plans in the making and the church us backing us fully. We plan to donate to the charity most of our proceeds.

I’m out of face-book for good, but so happy I met with the fantastic  people out there who are still in my life, all hale unconditional love. You guys are in total alignment with love. You are love  and I see you  realigning with truth and where others resist, you shall still be rewarded with rich hearts.

I love you, I love you I love you.   Mentioning no names You know who you are.  Gratitude, gratitude,  heart heart heart


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