Excited to find our first venue.

Really excited to be told we may have our very first venue in Frankstown, on woodside avenue, an amazing friend of mine is providing beverages and selling some of her pagan and witchcraft items, whilst I will be doing a talk on  twin flame energies. If anyone’s interested in coming along I will forward my number shortly, along with some original art work designed on our posters which will be going up around town,  I hope not to long in the future, the art work is  by a beautiful friend in the UK. Just waiting for those to arrive.

As I suffer with agoraphobia, due to the energies that are visible to me, I will be showing others like me some mediation techniques I have picked up along the way, as I help in many venues that are related to  age and welfare of the aged.

We wish to expand and provide a variety of retreats across a calendar year.

Our retreats will be designed for  everyone with different levels of meditation experience or those in different stages of their spiritual journey.


♥ Music / Chanting / Mantra’s

Re-connective healing


 Sound Vibration


Nature Walks

Divine Masculine / Feminine

Gratitude to Sacred Mother Ritual

 Spiritual Teachings

For more information, please contact K_jenner111@outlook.com

I hope to gather a good few people to join us on this exciting adventure.

much love Katie. x


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