Devastated disconnected twin flame energies.

Well its been a week since I last witnessed the worst kind of abuse of a twin flame relationship. I know how devastating this can be for both partners  at one point or another.   I too have lost a dear friendship seeking online  for  information which I had previously seen some time ago, it appears this was written some two years ago, and placed on a site for malicious intentions.  Unfortunately however, one of the twin flame energies  had ended up taking on all the energy from the other and  this relationship has become disjointed and disconnected as a result

As a twin flame practitioner,   I am endlessly confronted with the entire scale of human misery and joy.   A lot of energies have become disconnected. Everything now feels  dis-jointed but somewhere, one can probably discern why these things must happen, yet it takes a lot of suffering to get to that reason. This is where many twins give up.

The first and main reason all this must happen is this. One can probably discern three different types of Soul mate connections, and all of them are karmic.

If we don’t learn to love unconditionally  the easy way, we will be forced into it by the power of love, and love (TRUE  LOVE)will always win.

Twin Souls may not unite physically … Feel you know each other inside out … is the way that God and the Angels see each one of us.


My insights from a decade of intense Metaphysical Research into the Laws of the Universe which affect


Flame Connections

The first trigger  to disconnection is that you  have not learned of what it really takes to unite.

The more you fight to stay with someone, the more they run from that connection and this is because you  approach the connection the wrong way.

Twin flames must learn to navigate through the Divine tests that are dictated by Destiny, that we are meant to go through. 

Twin flame energies are very likely to go round and round in circles for years , where one disconnects from the other,  they cannot  bear to be separated, since the energies have them bonded together, they find one another once more, then another test and the other flame runs.  You may think that this person just doesn’t care about you, that maybe they don’t love you as much as you love them after all and that it’s unrequited love. Maybe you even think that this person hates you or thinks you aren’t good enough for them. But I can tell you that all those doubts you have are not real. If this person truly is your twin flame, then the real reason they have run away from you is because of FEAR. 

The opposite of love is not hate, but fear

Often we find that when we come in contact with our twin flame connection, is feels as if it is towards another soul, of the same higher awareness, we do this for the  purpose to be united with our own light, of which we do not recognize, since we are too bogged down in  self loathing, and  self pity. We believe that their Light emanates so much stronger but this is not fact. The fact is, this is your mirror and you are seeing your true self right there before you.  The adjoining of these two energies, anchors the perfect unconditional energies of love into place in the physical. Yet, often the light  of the other seems  to shine too brightly and rather than feeling lifted, one flame feels he/0r she needs to run. In this incident more soul growth needs to be achieved for themselves and and they need to constantly remind themselves why they felt the need to connect to that person in the beginning. Through more Light and effort thousands of other souls can be uplifted.

Anchoring this energy is essential and many  partners are strategically placed across the globe to do this work together.

It is a sad time for humanity where this energy is unable to connect, but I truly do believe that it will come together again. There is no stronger pull to one another than this.

when the time is right, this unity and strength of Light will carry these twin flames of Light into true Oneness, back to the final twin flame link – God.

And how we will rejoice, and dance and sing. And you will join us in Light with a oneness yet unknown, as you return home to the essence of your true Twin Flame -That is God.

With blessings I share this story and  energy which draws in love in abundance.

Be the joy and peace out to all.

Remember that you are only disconnected in the physical.

With love Unconditionally

Katie. x


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