Explanation of how I work with twin flames.

There are so many that have made their agreement in this timeline to meet, whether apart or together, their agreement is to do great work anchoring the energies into place across the globe through meditation or even physically with those surrounding them by realigning truth. Forcing people to wake up to themselves and their own destinies faster. There is no greater energy than these two energies who are destined to bring harmony to the globe.PI see the colors like a fine web that we all throw out to our love interests, the greater the hold they have over someone, the stronger the tie. I can tell immediately where healing needs to take place to ensure the ability to move on will occur. I can see where the threads are being sent out to the next connection , but also where we do tend to connect and couple with the wrong partner, there is always a third wave going out to the ethereal realms if these flames are in different realms. Or if on earth they reach out elsewhere always keeping these energies tied together, regardless of where they are. All other energies are superficial they break easily, then onto the next.


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