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World-renowned physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking made a virtual appearance at the Sydney Opera House last night.

Stephen Hawking made an appearance at The Sydney Opera House via hologram, and had a great Star Trek exit


New study overturns yet another anti-vaccine talking point

Violent metaphors

The pseudoscience community has long tried to convince parents that the MMR vaccine (to prevent infection with the diseases measles, mumps, and rubella) causes autism, despite study after study after study after study after study after study after study after study* showing that there is no connection between MMR and autism.

The pseudoscience community’s desperate investment in this myth–and the shaky ground they stand on– is illustrated by how quickly they shift their stories:

“Thimerosol or aluminum, or some kind of ‘toxin’ is the cause!”    Debunked .

“No, I mean, it’s just too many too soon!”    Debunked

“No, but seriously, natural infection is way better because unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children!”   Debunked.

And just yesterday, another study  (Jain et al. 2015 Autism occurrence by MMR vaccination status among US children with older siblings with and without autism) has come out debunking yet another…

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Join me in a new Training opportunity “8 Stages of Evolving”

Today I want to share some more details about one of the most important aspects of what I’ll be teaching in my upcoming Live Your Quantum Destiny Training that begins on Monday, May 11th.

In the “Spiritual Realm” Modules, we’ll begin exploring the “8 Stages of Evolving” that will move you closer to living your Quantum Destiny.

Let me take you through what this means.

The 8 Stages of Evolving: From God Seed to God Self

You’ve been given an enormous opportunity to be born in the most challenging of times—the time that determines whether we progress or retract as a species.

I want to help you become one of those who has the capacity, the courage, and the stamina to bring new ways of being into the world.

These are the 8 Stages of Evolving:

1. Awakening
2. Purification
3. Illumination
4. Voices and Visions
5. Introversion
6. Ecstasy and Rapture
7. Dark Night of the Soul
8. Unitive Life

You may have already experienced some of these stages to various extents, but during the training I will guide you through all of them comprehensively.

The first stage—Awakening—is when you’re filled with the awareness that you are part of an enormous life in which everything is connected.

Then comes Purification, where I’ll take you through advanced processes to deeply remove the veils and obstructions of the ordinary, unexamined life.

You’ll be permanently released from old ways of being and able to recover your higher innocence.

The traditional third stage that comes next is Illumination. This is the light of bliss, often experienced as actual light, which literally pervades everything.

You’ll see beauty and meaning and pattern everywhere, yet remain who you are and able to go about your daily work.

This is also the stage that many artists, actors, writers, visionaries, scientists, and creative people are blessed to be able to access at times.

In the fourth stage, Voices and Visions, you’ll go beyond your five senses and interact with a much larger reality.

This larger reality experience may involve beings from different dimensions such as angels and archetypes, while also including those spiritual allies within us that lead us to the unfolding of the unseen gifts we all contain.

Then comes Introversion, a turning to the inner life that includes silence in prayer and contemplation.

I’ll take you through some of the vast resources of spiritual technology to journey inward so you meet and receive Reality in its fullness. The result is an integrated spiritual daily life that brings your inner and outer life together in a whole new way.

The sixth stage, Ecstasy and Rapture, is when the Divine Presence meets the prepared body, mind, emotions and psyche of the new you that has fully developed as part of the deep exploration of the earlier three realms of your 4 Modes of Being.

At this point, you’ll be able to ecstatically receive the One and find the Spiritual Beloved. It involves decoding both the Art and Science of Happiness, and I’ll be providing you with an advanced toolkit to achieve this.

But alas, after all this joy and rapture, the seventh stage is the Dark Night of the Soul, which obeys the dictum that what goes up, must come down.

Suddenly the joy is gone, the Divine Love absent, God is hidden, and you must face the remaining shadows of old forms and habits of the lesser self.

The community support at this stage will be most crucial to midwife you through it and prepare you for the final stage.

And finally, the eighth stage is called The Unitive Life.

Here, you’ll exist in union with the One Reality at all times. You will be both your one self and God.

I truly can’t emphasize enough how much of a life-altering, destiny-shaping process this is!

Over the decades, many of my students have had to travel long distances to receive the full guidance of moving through these 8 Stages of Evolving.

Those I’ve guided through this process have described feeling a sense that everything is truly possible. And indeed, once they go through the process and fully integrate it, they immediately experience life as a state of limitless possibilities.

They become world-changers and world-servers. They become powers for life, centers for energy, partners and guides for spiritual vitality in other human beings.

They glow, and they set others aglow. They’re no longer human beings as we’ve known them to be. They’re fields of being, for they have moved from God Seed to God Self. And in doing so, they are living their Quantum Destiny.

Today, from the comfort of your own home, you have an opportunity to do the same as we venture forth into the Live Your Quantum Destiny Training.

Again, it begins on Monday, May 11th.

I hope you’ll decide you’re ready to join me on this deeper journey.

Register for the Training by emailing me at

To the further unfolding of your destiny,

“Healing through messages of love”

“Healing through messages of love”

As a Psychic Medium/Earth Angel (*Certified Medium through Doreen Virtue), I can connect you with your Twin Flame/Soul mate, your loved ones who have crossed over, or help you connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides for guidance with difficult decisions or important times/changes in your life.

I connect with the angels and guides of the highest vibration so that I can bring you messages of the highest good for everyone involved.

It is my greatest wish to be able to bring peace, love, and light into your life.

*Please subscribe to my blog for helpful information regarding Twin Flames, and, because of my past life in Atlantis, the Angels of Atlantis have blessed me with bringing healing and cleansing meditations  to you using the power of Atlantis. So, whether you need help with twin flame issues or you are looking for balance and healing,  and meditations will be able to help bring peace, love, and light into your life.

All love in alignment. All plans in action.

Well apart from yesterday, had a brill day so far, went to the church, spoke to the bishop, just had a long chat with my beautiful friend on skype whose sending her  art work, and were on our way.

Got a lot of plans in the making and the church us backing us fully. We plan to donate to the charity most of our proceeds.

I’m out of face-book for good, but so happy I met with the fantastic  people out there who are still in my life, all hale unconditional love. You guys are in total alignment with love. You are love  and I see you  realigning with truth and where others resist, you shall still be rewarded with rich hearts.

I love you, I love you I love you.   Mentioning no names You know who you are.  Gratitude, gratitude,  heart heart heart

My God dont you have anything better to do?

You, fuckin drongos out there, someone called the law, and someone checked my I.P. address and I got  call, to go down to the station and  fill in a complaint about harassment charges. Well fan fukin tastic when I got the  thing taken down after I shows them it was written in 20011.  Charges dropped immediately. Get a life people for God sake. Stop wrecking lives and grow the fuck up!!!

New paper deals blow to hypothesis that Native Americans have European ancestry

Violent metaphors

The idea that Native Americans had at least some ancestry from a trans-Atlantic migration has been around since the earliest days of American anthropology. The earliest proponents of this idea looked at the spectacular burial mounds and art from North America and insisted that they could not have been made by the ancestors of the indigenous (or as they put it, “primitive”) peoples they encountered. Obviously, they reasoned, a “Lost Race” of “Moundbuilders” (identified variously as Atlanteans, Europeans, and Israelites) must have been responsible for the great archaeological sites in North America. But systematic excavation of these sites has thoroughly debunked that idea.**

Nevertheless, an idea that there must be a European origin for at least some Native Americans has persisted in various forms. In its modern iteration, this idea is known as the “Solutrean Hypothesis.” The Solutrean hypothesis claims that the Clovis people, the makers of the earliest known…

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